A Warm Welcome

I’ve had a fantastic first week in the Library. I have received a very warm welcome and it has been great to meet so many members of staff from different teams.

On my first day I was given the chance to attend the Library Choir mid-summer concert which was thoroughly enjoyable. The performance was brilliant and you can’t help but admire the confidence it takes to be able to stand in front of an audience and perform such a varied range of songs.

The Library choir
The Library choir performing at St Peters Chaplaincy

I have been involved in a number of meetings and discussions assessing the current status of the Main Library Redevelopment and the on-going consideration of ideas concerning the phasing of the works. I was taken on an extensive tour of the Joule Library, met a number of people in the Main Library and was able to take a peek at the fantastic University Archive and Record Centre on Blue 4.

The University Archive and Record Centre
The University Archive and Record Centre

I had a very interesting meeting with the Library’s Strategy Project team in which I learnt about their role in the Library and the impact on project management across the service. It was great to learn about the approach the Library was taking in this area, the efforts of which can clearly be seen in the range of information and resources available to teams throughout the Library.

Throughout the week I have been kept very busy, although every part of it has been interesting, exciting and challenging, which is exactly what I’m hoping this project will continue to deliver.

Have a great weekend,

Mike Kelly.

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