Stock Management

Meeting the Necessary Requirements

To follow on from my last post, I have to let you know about my experiences from the Manchester International Festival. The Tale of Mr Tumble was brilliant – a very well-produced, old fashioned, funny and thoroughly enjoyable show that everyone in the Opera House enjoyed. The artwork and performance by Richter / Pärt at The Whitworth was beautiful and Ed Atkin’s installation Performance Capture at the Manchester Art Gallery was intriguing (I owe a big thanks to the volunteer who explained it to me).

As we continue to move through the summer period, the Main Library Redevelopment is picking up speed with key discussions being held to ensure that the project and design meet every necessary requirement. I have been spending time investigating what has worked well elsewhere and looking at how things could have been done better on past projects, both on our own campus and at other locations.

The Stock Management Group has been undertaking considerable work preparing for the forthcoming decant projects. We have finished acquiring new store areas and have undertaken works to make sure they are exactly how we need them. It has been a big learning curve in understanding how complex and vast stock management is and how the role of this team in the Main Library Redevelopment is crucial.

Another major part of the project is the challenge of keeping the Main Library running whilst the work takes place in different areas of the building. Work is continuing to create a phasing proposal, although the complexity involved means that there is a lot more detail needed. I enjoyed meeting the Champions Group for the first time at a welcome meeting on Tuesday 21st July. It was interesting to hear the group’s thoughts on the current position of the redevelopment project and their response to our ideas of activities that the group can carry out to help support us going forward. Our champions will also be contributing to the blog in the future which is great news so look out for their posts.

I’m very pleased to have heard that those of you who have been reading the blog have found it interesting. In addition to input from the Champions we have been thinking about other articles we can start including, so hopefully it will be even better over the coming months

Unfortunately I won’t be posting an article on the blog next week as I will be enjoying the Hungarian Grand Prix in Budapest. I know a lot of colleagues are getting ready for their summer holidays and I hope you enjoy wherever you’re going and whatever it is you’ll be doing.

Mike Kelly

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