Book Sorter at Main Library
Book Sorter at Main Library

Over the past couple of weeks I have been coordinating a feasibility study of our book sorting machine and exploring how we might reconfigure the machine for the new space that will be created as part of the Main Library Redevelopment. To support this study Simon Mealing (IT Support Analyst) and Sarah Phillips (Customer Services Co-ordinator) have collected information from the manufacturers, looked at options for relocating the machine and have undertaken a thorough risk assessment. This piece of work is very important due to the potential damage and cost that could be caused without adequate support and guidance. Any problems encountered in relocating the machine could also severely affect Library services. In undertaking the risk assessment, we used the toolkit that was created by the Alliance MBS MBA students as part of the not-for-profit project they recently delivered for the Library.

Manchester Museum
Manchester Museum

Chris Ibbott (Capital Projects Manager) and I have been looking in further detail at the options available for a temporary café during each phase of the Main Library Redevelopment. We visited the Manchester Museum to look at the pop-up café which is being used whilst the main café space is being refurbished (looking forward to seeing the launch of the new Teacup museum café). It is a simple construction with no complex elements such as plumbing or waste services. This café has been a huge success and, following the feedback we received from the Main Library café consultation we undertook recently, we’ve decided to assess possible options for a similar temporary offer which we believe will be cost-effective, easy to run and attractive for Library users.

Hugo portable platform

I visited our soon-to-be external book store facility at Salford Quays with members of the Library Collection Management team and Chris Ibbott. Although work has been ongoing behind the scenes to prepare for the acquisition of this building, this was the first time that many of the group had seen it. We were also given a demonstration of a Hugo Portable Platform which can be used to reach books on the higher shelving levels.

We held another Library Design Meeting where we looked at the proposed approach to loose furniture, fittings and equipment within the Redevelopment. Katy Woolfenden (Head of Teaching, Learning and Students) and Martin O’Dwyer (IT Support Coordinator) attended this part of the meeting and fed back a number of lessons learned from the Alan Gilbert Learning Commons Project (particularly in terms of furniture and equipment). We also looked at the updated Wayfinding and Signage plans that the Design Team have developed.

Office Santa holding bank note novelty napkins
Office Santa (holding bank note novelty napkins)

I discovered that one of the Library’s Special Collection items is now on show at the Manchester Museum as part of the Egyptology exhibition. An Extract from The Book of the Dead is on display and I’ll be hoping to have a look next time I’m in the Museum. Christmas decorations have appeared in the Library and across the University, and the festive spirit is certainly in full flow across campus.

Until next week,

Mike Kelly (Library Space Project Manager).

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