Consulting the Experts

On Friday, 4 December, I had the opportunity to meet with Ian Jones who is the Director of Workplace Services and Estates at ITV. I’d first heard of Ian many years ago through being a certified Member of the British Institute of Facility Management (MBIFM). I’ve always been interested in the work he undertook at ITV to transform their workplaces and to develop their facilities function into an integral part of the business. Ian’s journey at ITV has spanned four years so far and, though he admits that the finish line is still some way off, there has been a lot of progress. The delivery of the ITV workspaces at Media City UK provided real opportunities to look outside the box and develop spaces and functions that helped propel forward ITV’s working practices and experience. I came away from my two hours with Ian with lots of thoughts, ideas and questions to ask of the Main Library Redevelopment.


Media City

I am planning to meet with a number of colleagues to better understand our current position in terms of facilities management (in its broadest sense): where we aim to be once the Redevelopment has been completed and what steps we need to take to achieve this. It’s important to understand how every part of the Redevelopment will be related to the management of the spaces and consider the potential opportunities for improving what already works well and where we might have to do things differently.

The project will provide a new space for the location of our Book Sorter machine and following on from last week’s meeting, I spent some more time with Sarah Phillips (Customer Services Coordinator) to measure and mark out the proposed spaces for relocation. I think that we were both happy with the plans and we also got on to discussing how we could fit out and develop the space further. After much so much focus on the proposal and planning stages of the Redevelopment, it can be very satisfying to move from paper to taking ideas out in to real spaces and getting a feel for how they’ll work.

Testing out spaces for book sorter relocation

I have had several meetings this week including an IT Portfolio catch up, a Phasing Group agenda setting meeting and a project review meeting. It was fantastic to be able to meet with the Redevelopment Champions again along with Adam Cooper (Communications Officer). We chatted about the progress of the Redevelopment and then fed back the results of the trial furniture display at the Thesis Room, which the Champions helped to create. We had a good discussion about a range of areas related to the Redevelopment and finished the meeting by thanking the champions for their hard work in 2015.

I was invited to the Space Invader offices behind Deansgate Station to meet Jason Oak (Senior Designer) and other members of the interior design team. We looked at the current internal design plans, picking up feedback that had been provided through the last series of Library Design Meetings and highlighted some areas that are yet to be confirmed. It is great to be working with such a talented team, and the latest design plans are very exciting. Space Invader has recently won the Mixology North Large Commercial Interiors Project of the Year award for their Regatta HQ project and their expertise is proving to be valuable for the Main Library Redevelopment.

Thanks for reading,

Mike Kelly (Library Space Project Manager).

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