Café Consultation Results

In October we invited students and staff to take part in a consultation exercise to help decide the menu and coffee supplier for the brand new café which will be created as part of the Main Library Redevelopment.

Cafe Plan.png
A brand new 100 seater cafe will be created in the enlarged public space in Blue Ground

Over the course of the three-day consultation almost 700 students and staff enjoyed samples from the three potential menus created by Food on Campus before voting for the option they would like to see in the new café when it opens.  The results, in order of popularity, were as follows:

  1. Deli  A selection of freshly made sandwiches and salads – 318 VOTES
  2. Bakery – A range of savoury and sweet baked goods – 249 VOTES
  3. Hot Pot – A range of hot one pot dishes – 122 VOTES

It was a close contest but Deli was in front from early on and theirs will be the menu featured in the new café.

Along with sampling from the menus, potential coffee suppliers were on-site each day with staff and students able to enjoy free samples and give each supplier a score out of 10. The results, in order of average score, were as follows:

  1. Mathew Algie – 8.7
  2. Peros – 8.6
  3. Ancoats – 8.1

The competition was extremely close with only 0.1 separating Peros in second place and Mathew Algie in first but it was enough for the latter to be selected as the supplier for the new café.

You can view a slideshow of images from the consultation below:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



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