Behind the Scenes

The last fortnight has involved much behind the scenes work by the team as we continue moving through Stage 3 of the Main Library Redevelopment. Karen Veitch (IT Support Manager) and I have been slowly mapping every workstation across the Redevelopment plans. This has helped us greatly to understand the infrastructure required at each workstation (particularly IT equipment). We are assessing the current distribution of phone numbers across Library staff and are in the process of determining how individual’s numbers and hunt groups can be allocated.

The Phasing Group recently met to complete the ‘information gathering’ stage for the services that will have to be relocated during the construction periods. Prior to this, I spent some time evaluating and identifying any potential risks. These have been captured on a risk register and will be further developed and refined by the Phasing Group.

Part of the stock decant from the Main Library will involve relocating the central records that are held in the Main Library Archive. The records management company ‘Iron Mountain’ will be undertaking this piece of work and we met with them to discuss the logistics along with Alan Carter (Records Manager). James Peters (University and Medical Archivist) is a key part of this decant and will liaise with Alan and the Records Management Office to help coordinate this move.

The Sir Duncan Rice Library
The Sir Duncan Rice Library

I will soon be visiting The University of Aberdeen to attend a symposium entitled “University Challenge: Transforming your Library” organised by The Scottish Confederation of University and Research Libraries. Along with colleagues from other universities, we will spend the day looking at redesigning space for student learning requirements, managing learning environments and learning about the experiences of a range of library transformations. I am also fortunate that during this visit I will have the opportunity to tour The Sir Duncan Rice Library.

The Brynmor Jones Library
The Brynmor Jones Library

We are also arranging for the members of the Main Library Redevelopment Champions group to visit The University of Hull in order to learn about The Brynmor Jones Library redevelopment. It appears that this redevelopment has many parallels with our own project – a similar budget, bringing two buildings together and an aim to develop spaces conducive to research-focused study. I am really looking forward to the team experiencing this space and hearing their thoughts.

Thanks for reading, Mike Kelly (Library Space Project Manager).

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