A month ago, the University of Manchester Library revised my role from Library Space Development Manager to Library Space and Facilities Manager. Although this may seem like a small change in name alone, in fact the shift is quite significant and highlights the Library’s aim to provide the best quality spaces to its customers. My team has also doubled (from 1 to 2 people!). This means we can cover more work, issues and activities across the Library portfolio.

The Library’s new strategy includes the aim to:

  • Ensure that Library facilities support the teaching and learning, research, academic and social needs of the University by increasing the range and quality of flexible spaces across all our sites

This aim is fundamental to the Library Space and Facilities team’s objectives going forward. By working with our Library teams, colleagues in the University Estates department and other partners, we want to provide quality spaces and facilities to help every single one of our customers to be the best they can be whilst feeling healthy, happy and safe.

This Easter we refurbished a large number of study spaces in the Main Library. These new desks are modern and make the area look fresher and more inviting. There are 40 more study spaces and 32 of these have integrated power. We also painted the walls and provided 256 new chairs. More improvements will be taking place in the Main Library over the coming months.

New Desks

Powered Desks

Alongside this large piece of work, the Library Space and Facilities team is assessing every site in our portfolio. By doing this, we can ensure small issues and repairs are identified and look to have them resolved. This includes faulty light bulbs, broken chairs and heating issues.

Mike Kelly

Library Space and Facilities Manager

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